Why Full Stack Developer Should be First Choice for MVP Development

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Full Stack Developer for MVP development

Finance is first and foremost requirement to bring life to your crazy or ambitious or both idea. This could be a major hurdle and can soon be transformed into big challenge. An good idea that cannot be evolved into full blown application worth thousands of dollars is hard to swallow.  




What All Can Full Stack Developer Do for You?

A full stack developer is capable of handling the entire project on its own right from database design to the frontend development as he is fully expert in all 3 tier of app development process. He will fit into projects with any type of need and business requirements.




MVP Development

If a company is interested in minimum viable product then full stack developers are only the best option to turn an app idea into a fully functional prototype. MVP refers to an amazing methodology for developing a mobile  or web application with just sufficient features to ensure it is build in right way to cheer up early users functionality wise.
If cost is a major concern then for development of each module by hiring an expert will not be a cost effective option. Instead of shelling out $2,10,000 ($70,000 each) for development of database, backend and frontend. It will be better to go with single  full stack developer for simply $90,000- $110,000.
The MVP or minimum viable product is very useful for both startups or established enterprises to figure out risks associated with specific app idea before it is developed. For a great idea for mobile app by creating an MVP will help in terms of giving better understanding about expectations of the audience.
Apart from knowing ins and out about the audience it is also absolutely crucial to hire a full stack developer for development of MVP. A full stack developer will manage every aspects of app development right from initiation till the fruition.


Consider development of MVP for an eCommerce website. Now there are two possible methods, either you hire several professionals like frontend developers, backend developers, UI/UX designer and a quality analyst.
In this case both cost and development timeline will surpass your the set limits and not to mention the complete process of project management will be a big hassle. Instead, a full stack developer will manage project development  from start to finish in less time and in convincing manner.
MVP development through full stack developer is not only less time taking but also it can be managed in smooth manner.


Why Choose Full Stack Developer for MVP Development

Today full stack developers are also known as T-shaped professionals. The reason being that full stack developers have sufficient expertise about every domain required for development of app.
Full Stack Developers are expert in both Frontend and Backend in below terms

  • Switching between Frontend and Backend is not a hassle or time consuming task for them.
  • Deadlines will be met always as there won’t be any dependency.
  • They are more equipped with all technical skills to make project a great success.
  • They are capable of handling entire project on their own.
  • They take the responsibility of entire project on themselves.


The Full Stack developers are really smart to smoothly balance every stage of app development from planning, designing, development, and testing till post deployment maintenance support.


Frontend of Application

The frontend of application is also referred as the presentation layer and a front end developer has sufficient knowledge about HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, along with JavaScript and its frameworks especially React, Angular, Node.js, Express.js, and Vue.js to work in this aspect of project development.


Backend of Application

It is also known as the business logic layer and a full stack developer has expertise over different database  and backend programming language like MySQL(link),MongoDB, Django, and more to work like a pro for development of business logic layer.


Database of Application

A full stack developer is well versed with both relational and Non-relational databases. He is therefore appropriate choice to develop database that is apt to get synced with frontend and backend of the application.


Easy Upgradation

A specialised developer is not as adaptive towards latest technologies as is a full stack developer. In case there is an upgrade during MVP then he will learn and adapt much more easily in comparison to a domain expert.


Easy Switching

Unlike anyone else a full stack developers is capable of switching between frontend and backend far more easily than an specialised developer. They also have more insights about upcoming technical challenges so it is easy for them to resolve beforehand.


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