Advantages of Choosing Swift over Objective – C for iOS developers

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Swift has the potential to become the preferred programming language for iOS application development that are immersive and responsive applications for years to come. Swift bought a bunch of advantages with it the most prominent one like increased type safety, better memory management and multiple return values. These features ensure developers need not spend as long coding. Another interesting feature is its interoperability with existing Objective-C code.


Features that make swift to be used more frequently over Objective-C


1-It reduces code length:
Swift being a functional programming language supports passing functions as variables. This helps in producing highly generic code that can do a lot of different things hence, reducing repetition.


2-It is more closer to other platforms:
Swift programming language is easier to comprehend for non-iOS developers and minimizes amount of time required for doubt clarification which impacts the productivity of work positively.


3-Simple Grammar and Syntax:
One unique feature of Swift as far as syntax is concerned is it’s method calls are no longer nested inside each other involving various brackets. The methods in Swift are separated by comma list of parameters that are inside a parentheses. The grammar and syntax used in Swift is quite easier than compared to other programming languages.


4-It is least Error Prone:
On behalf of its predictable behavior when a nil optional variable is used Swift triggers a runtime crash. This crash speeds up the bug-fixing process due to its consistent behavior. Swift forces the programmer to fix the issue right away.


Swift also unifies the language in a way that Objective-C never did. It provide support for Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) which is complete across the procedural and object-oriented code paths. Moreover, Swift can be used as a script language.

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