Android Nougat notification fulfills the criterion of Customizable notification shade with noticeable features

Android 7.0 is all set to enrich user experience with an array of notification option. Promising new updates in notification ensure better than before experience and increased usability without digging deep into smartphone.



Here is a peek into upcoming features

1- Direct Replies – when a friend sends you a message and you have no other notifications, you get a single message view that you can reply to directly through the notifications shade. all good apps have are optimized for the same.


2- Bundled Notifications are the major improvement when multiple notifications for a single app are received. Now Nougat flexibility enables developers to expand the notification stack so that they can add context to the group or each notification.


3- Notification Peeking brings to you the idea of smart peeking. With the help of peeking window developer can display the latest incoming notification of a bundled group. Developer can set things up so as a reply can “peek” on the screen for few seconds and will allow us to reply directly from the peeking window.


4- Custom Views and Message Styles ensure that you get new different notification styling for every other app. This feature will be very useful when developer creates bundles and peeks. From user point of view they will get exact information at a glance. This will make the conversation more personal and highly interactive. In case of multiple participants each reply could be labeled or color.


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