Android Things dedicated OS to Internet Of Things (IoT)

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Android ThingsGoogle announced a dedicated OS Android Things for Internet of Things by releasing it’s developer preview which is currently available for Edison,Raspberry Pi 3 and NXP Pico. Few more additions into Android Things will ensure integration of seamless cloud service. Few more additions into Android Things¬†will ensure integration of seamless cloud service also. It will make coding easier for IoT enabled devices.

It has been designed to bring the power of Android including its various APIs and services to IoT devices, hence, allowing existing Android developers to quickly migrate over to the amazing horizon of IoT. Google promised future updates to the OS will deliver OS patches, security fixes and various updates to end users. Android Things will leverage the Android platform such that all sorts of devices will be able to connect to the cloud and interact with services of Google. Google at present working towards adding support for Weave (IoT communication Platform) to connect with Google services to communicate with other gadgets.

Incorporation of tools like Android Studio, Google Play Services, the Android SDK, along with Google Cloud Platform, will ease to developers build smart devices. With advent of Android Things faster and easier creation of smart, connected products is enabled. It is now is an appropriate time to get along with IoT Android Things made the future look bright and big.

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