Best PHP frameworks to choose in 2024

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PHP frameworks

A website is as impactful and effective as long as it can run smoothly without any glitch for which it has to rely to great extent on server side programming language. PHP is one such language to achieve this purpose as well as provides other technical flexibility. PHP empower developers with a systematized, maintainable and reusable coding structure.

In 2017 you can rely on following languages for modern web development.


Laravel supports contact routing that saves developer time that could be wasted while updating links during working. Laravel Design pattern Eloquent ORM is very helpful for defining the complex relationship between various objects in the database. Laravel is capable of  reusing and assembling the present components to ensure a cohesive layer for PHP developer from where they can easily build the web application. In this way the complete process is carried out in a structured format.


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2. CodeIgniter
CodeIgniter separates the application logic from presentation. This means now web pages wont be burden with lot of scripting. This is suitable framework for developers who are seeking a PHP platform that is simple yet effective for development of web applications with variety of features. Multiple add-ons and plug ins of can be used for coding and naming conventions. Templates supported by CI to work with database are very familiar to SQL syntax.


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3. Symfony
It is the speed and complete simplicity of symphony that makes it an ideal PHP framework. The byte code caching concept contributes to its high performance and stability. The Symfony CMF version is  suitable for developers working with the CMS systems. Symfony allows the development of a particular functionality in  your projects that to without redeveloping entire thing  or installing the full framework rather it can be achieved with the specific brick that is required.



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4. Yii Framework
Yii greatest strength lies in its capability of smoothly handling a fairly large volume of requests per second as well as its caching capacity is better from other frameworks. Inspite, of being smaller framework compared to that of other frameworks yet supports some excellent documentation that which goes a long way towards assisting new developers to learn.


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5. nette Framework

Although, it is among the least popular of the top PHP frameworks yet what makes it highly productive framework are below:

  1. Smooth learning curve makes it ideal choice for beginners to learn.
  2. Modern tools boost its efficiency. Tracy helps in error tracking and Tester is capable of testing application quality in almost real situations.
  3. Several developer can collectively work on single project.
  4. Excellent documentation and very warm and friendly global community.

nette framework

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Hopefully, above information will be helpful in deciding best among the top popular PHP frameworks. Looking forward to listen to your views and query regarding the same.


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