Box Acquires File Streaming Service Streem

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Box Acquires File Streaming Service Streem

A cloud based file and data management service Box has acquired Streem, a Y Combinator-backed company that allows its users on desktop to stream files on demand from cloud.


With Box, customers can get secured cloud storage, sharing and collaboration on any device. Box CEO Aaron Levie said in a blog post – “I’m thrilled to announce today that Box is acquiring Streem, a Y-Combinator-backed startup focused on letting you get to all of your content in the cloud, right on your desktop. The entire team at Streem will be joining Box to help work on the future of content management and collaboration in the enterprise.


Streem has developed amazing technology that allows you to mount a cloud drive onto your computer — making documents, presentations, videos and files available to you without the limitations of your local hard-disk, effectively turning the cloud into an “unlimited” drive. Rather than files living directly on your computer’s disk, they are instead securely “streamed” to you on demand when you need to interact with them. And to further optimize the experience and support low-bandwidth environments, Streem has developed enhanced video and media streaming technology to ensure content is accessible from the cloud as fast as it is locally.”


The financial deal of the agreement is not yet disclosed.


Streem develops a file system, StreemFS that makes its service behave as if it were a local drive attached to users’ computers. Streem stores the single copy of files on its cloud service and streem it down to the device of users when needed or demanded. Files are opened natively on the device, requiring no special software, configuration, or any change in the consumer’s behavior, the company said.


The existing users of Streem can download a ZIP file of their data or can have their files transitioned over to a Box account.


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