Reliable, Secure, Fast and Resiliant package manager to boost developer performance

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Recently, Facebook has launched a new package manger Yarn so that developers could get a performance boost. It enables user to use and share code globally securely and quickly. Yarn caches every page it downloads so it never repeats the same process again. It maximizes the resource utilization to install fast. Yarn ensures that an install worked on one system will work exactly the same way on another system on behalf of its concise lockfile format and deterministic algo for installation.


As far as security is concerned, it employes checksums to authorize the integrity of every installed package before its code is executed.


The Yarn is now available on GitHub. Yarn works Offline too, if it has been installed once then it can easily be installed again without any internet connection. It has a very deterministic approach whereby, same dependencies are installed in the same manner across every machine irrespective of their order of installation. The Yarn is capable of maximizing network utilization as it smartly queues up requests to avoid any possible request waterfalls. Yarn can install a package from either npm or Bower while maintaining the package workflow the same. Its ability to retire a request upon failure won’t let single request to reach installation failure. The Yarn has a flat mode to resolve mismatches versions of dependencies into a single version hence no duplication is encountered.



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