GDPR is a Reality now Comply before the Deadline to skip the Penalty

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Protection of consumer data was always a concern and most discussed topic. Europe is all set to take the initiative and be the first to enforce the regulation with respect to it. If you miss on complying it before May 25 deadline then you will face penalties. The penalty can be as high as whopping $20 million.  

In order to strengthen data privacy of European users, EU created GDPR to make companies responsible for safeguarding the digital identities of its citizens and user information cannot be shared without user consent. Upon compliance, users will have the option to be tracked or not.


The GDPR Compliance is not another hectic hurdle to achieve. Follow the below checklist for GDPR compliance which is written with reference to GDPR guidelines . Visit to get in-depth details.


Data Compliance

The company has to list every bit of personal information it will store along with the source of information, with whom will it be shared and what will it be done with it as well as the time period for which you will keep it.


Accountability & Management

Employees should be trained about data protection and company needs to assign Data Protection Officer(DPO). It will be company responsibility to report the data breach to the local authority and the users involved.


New Rights

A customer should be able to request access to personal information in easy and simple manner. Customers should be privileged to update their personal data to maintain accuracy. The company should as soon as possible delete the data that is no longer any use to their business.



The consent should be taken before the company initiate the processing of personal data as well as try to mention your privacy policy in simple enough language. The updated privacy policy needs to be shared with existing users.


Special Cases

A company can sending data to geographic location outside the EU provided an excellent level of protection is guaranteed


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The benefits of guidelines to user will be in below perspective


Cookie Consent

Users need to be auto informed about cookie usage and their consent is required.


T&C Acceptance

The terms and condition consent need to be taken from all visitors by automatically redirecting them to T&C page.


Privacy Policy

Auto generation of privacy policy and redirection of the user to receive the consent


Right to be forgotten

It is very important to request users allow the permission regarding the right to be forgotten and get the consent for the same.


Data Access

Collection of data access requests and admin should be automatically informed about it.


Data Breach Notification

The process of sending data breach notification to every user as per the law.


Data Rectification

Collection of data rectification request and updating the admin about the same.


Reuse EU Traffic

Company can reuse the EU traffic and redirect it to somewhere else


These regulation will ensure customer trust in online merchant is boosted and transparency is maintained. This will eventually result in instant rise in demand of investment in EU tech.


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