Google Inbox New Updates will let you Sync Time & Tasks

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Gmail inbox flexibility ensure great customization to save time and making your overall experience personally interactive.


Gmail Inbox with its fresh and modern user interface the app is also packed with all core email elements that you need and its approach seems to be in sync with work flow.


Now No need to dig into your inbox to find what you’re looking for be it’s information regarding upcoming events, your next trip, or a news article concerning you or an interesting article to share with colleagues.


The Inbox team has worked with Trello, a project management application, and GitHub, a software collaboration platform, to improve email notifications. If you use Trello, you’ll get a summary of what’s new with your Trello projects, so you can stay up-to-date on the latest updates. And for those of you who use GitHub, you’ll get a summary of code changes and filed issues for each repository.





Stay on top of your Google Alerts

You can also scan through your Google Alerts just like a newsletter. New alerts being grouped right in the inbox. Simply click on the eye catching ones to read more. If you seem to be in hurry simply mark it to read later.


Let your Feedback be your next Feature

You’ll also see a number of highly-requested features based on your feedback to make Inbox personally interactive –

  1. You can simply drag-and-drop contacts between to, cc, and bcc while composing on web.
  2. You can delete right from the inbox just as easily as you can mark as done




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