Google acquires cyber security Indian Startup Impermium

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Google acquires cyber security firm Impermium



After Facebook’s acquisition of Indian startup, Little Eye Labs it’s Google that has now bought a three-year-old cyber security firm Impermium. Impermium is the Indian company based in Bangalore and California that build security products for websites.


Impermium is a three year old security startup which mainly deals in building security products with the aim of controlling spam and eliminating fraud and web abuse online. The company Impermium has blocked off its website with a note from chief executive Mark Risher to its users announcing that the company had been acquired by Google. It reads,


“When we founded Impermium three years ago, our mission was to help rid the web of spam, fraud, and abuse. As sites gain in popularity, criminals and miscreants are never far behind, and Impermium has worked hard to defend some of the largest and fastest-growing sites. By joining Google, our team will merge with some of the best abuse fighters in the world. With our combined talents we’ll be able to further our mission and help make the Internet a safer place. We’re excited about the possibilities. ”


The company has 2 Indians as co-founders – Vish Ramarao and Naveen Jamal. Jamal was based in Bangalore while Ramarao and Risher were based in California. Impermium had raised $9 million in funding from Highland Capital Partners, AOL Ventures, Charles River Ventures, the Social+Capital Partnership,Freestyle, Greylock and angels like Matt Ocko.


Note that Google announced earlier this week it has acquired Nest for $3.2 Billion (Read Google acquired Nest for $3.2 Billion) and now Google has acquired Impermium. Its a proud moment for all india based startups.


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