Unveiling Google Analytics 360 Suite: Make Data Mining Easier Than Ever Before

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GA Suite 360

Enterprise marketers will be very happy after getting the new good news from Google. Now, they finally compete with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud and other similar services.


Google Analytics 360 Suite is a tool specially designed for enterprise marketers and business owners. It is Google’s next step to make data mining much easier so that anyone can analyze site information, generate business leads, drive more traffic, and increase conversions and take better decisions to step-up his/her business- which is the main motive behind Google analytics.


So, What is Google Analytics 360 Suite, Actually?

Basically, this suite is a better combination of Google Analytics Premium (now Google Analytics 360) and Adometry (acquired in 2014 and today’s Attribution 360). It’s also having an enterprise-class version of Google Tag Manager. Google introduces three new products Audience Center 360, Data Studio 360 and Optimize 360 in this suite to make it a complete single solution for Analysts, Marketers and Data Miners.


Lets Understand it in brief

As Google loaded it with six cool tools, in which four are brand-new and other two are rebranded, let’s have a look:


Google Audience Center 360 (beta). This awesome data management platform (DMP) not only let you understand your existing or potential customer also it will help you to find more like them on multiple channels, devices and campaigns. It will give a native integration with Google, Double Click and some other third party data parties.


Google Optimize 360 (beta). This is a web testing and personalization product to help marketers deliver better experiences. With this tool marketers have flexible control over the site, so that they will make multiple versions of their site and then choose the best fit.


Google Data Studio 360 (beta). This one is new in the list. Its main purpose is data analysis and visualization and integrate data across all suite products and other data sources.


Google Tag Manager 360. It gives freedom to add and update your own tags for track conversions, site analysis and Remarketing and more. Tag Mager 360 provide a simple way to collect site information by using little bits of code.


Google Analytics 360.  A.K.A. Google Analytics Premium, mainly to serve customers and advertising insights, you need to plan your marketing strategy to drive sales and be one-step ahead in the competition.


Google Attribution 360. Rebuilt version of Adometry. Helps advertisers and marketers to keep an eye on all the advertising investment. Marketers can analyze performance across all channels, devices, and systems to achieve their most effective marketing mix.


Currently, only existing customers of Google Analytics Premium and Adometry will be invited to use a beta version of Suite 360.


See how Suite 360 is helping –


For More Details: Introducing the Google Analytics 360 Suite


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