Google Analytics Demo Account – Employing Practicality on Theoretical Concepts

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“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not” – Albert Einstein


The core concept of Google analytics lies in learning through practical experience and to apply it to theoretical analytics knowledge. It can be a bit difficult to gain practical experience since not everyone has access to a fully-implemented Google Analytics account. To address this concern  Google is introducing a fully functional Google Analytics Demo Account available for everyone . Access it Here.


Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.44.54 PM


Google Analytics ongoing implementation suppose to finish this month includes all the major features you desire  implement  like AdWords linking, Goals and Enhanced E-commerce. that result in a fully functional account with real business data.



  • The Striking feature of Google Analytics Demo Account is Self-Learning ensuring you get well versed with Analytics in a manner Google Suggests.

  • Access all the Standard reports to see which ones are useful to you.

  • Get inspiration from predefined dashboards and segments imported from the Solutions Gallery to create your own.

  • Alter reports by adding table filters and secondary dimensions, and by changing the report type.

  • Learn how to compare audience, acquisition, behavior and conversion performance to a previous date range period.

  • Create your own personal assets such as custom reports, annotations, shortcuts and custom alerts.

  • Become familiar with the predefined attribution models and even create your own.

  • Determine whether features you don’t haven’t implemented could be beneficial to you e.g. AdWords and Search Console integrations.

  • Use it as a companion when following a training course.

As a part of Community service if you are interested in teaching others  Google Analytics then Google Demo Account can as a tool to create tests, quizzes, and other learning materials for your students. You will be excited to know that some organizations are already starting to integrate it into their learning materials.



Google Demo Account is an integral part of General Assembly Digital Marketing course whereby the include a  dedicated unit  of Marketing Analytics that utilizes the Demo Account.


Accessing  Demo account

learn more about Google Demo Account in this help article. In case you further find a query check it on FAQs post. Demo Account specially designed to gives you a practical way to try new features and learn about Google Analytics.


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