Google Introduces New ‘Chromebox for meetings’

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Chromebox for meetings

Google has introduced Chromebox for meetings, presenting new hardware that will better provide support for bigger gatherings of individuals who need to hold remote gatherings.


1080p pan-tilt-zoom camera can cover more zone or area to help substantial gatherings talking see each other better, while another microphone and speaker will make sure everyone is heard.


Vidya Nagarajan, Senior Product Manager, Chrome for Work posted in official blog, “Today, we’re expanding to bigger spaces. Chromebox for meetings now supports larger meeting rooms, so groups of up to twenty can seamlessly sync with colleagues around the world and still feel like they’re in the same place. Companies of all sizes, including Whirlpool Corporation, Netflix and Foursquare have tested Chromebox for meetings for the large room and said their users have enjoyed the video quality of the HD meetings.”


Chromebox for meetings users can likewise connect two screens to the hardware, and share their screens in full-screen mode. On the back-end, administrators have more control over checking and deploying hardware, and in addition more granular control over whom to give authoritative powers.


The new hardware is not cheap though. At $1,999, it is an expensive office communication solution, and a decent alternative for bigger organizations with bigger remote teams.


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