How to define minimum width for a page in IE (Internet Explorer)

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Using min-width CSS command, you can specify a minimum width for any element. This can be very handy and useful for specifying a minimum width for a page or any element.

Unfortunately, IE doesn’t understand min-width command. So, to specify a minimum width for any element in Internet Explorer simply follow these easy steps :


1. Insert a <div> tag under the <body> tag as below:


<div id=”container”>


2. Create CSS commands, so as to create a minimum width of 500px:
min-width: 500px;
width:expression(document.body.clientWidth < 500? “500px”: “auto” );
The first command, min-width: 500px; is the regular minimum width command.
The second is a short JavaScript command that only IE (Internet Explorer) understands.


Note – This command will cause your CSS document to invalidate so you need to insert it into the head section of each HTML document.


3. All done !! Above command will enable you to define minimum width for any page in IE.


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