How to Set-up Magento Google Analytics

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Magento Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free Google service which allows web masters and business owners to monitor traffic, track page views and sales conversions. Google Analytics provides detailed statistics about the web traffic and is the most popular and best website traffic tracking tool used by website owners.
Magento is one the most popular Ecommerce platforms for building a stunning e-commerce website. It is widely used by developers in e-commerce web development. We can set up Magento Google Analytics to gain insights into which page of our ecommerce website gets maximum views, less traffic and many more traffic analysis features.


At present Magento supports two types of Analytics Tracking. These are –


1.  Page view tracking which gives the analysis of web store visitors.
2. e-commerce tracking which gives information about the customers and purchase information.


To set-up Google Analytics in your Magento store you need to sign up a Google Analytics Account at After creating GA account you will receive a Google Analytics account number which is needed for Google Analytics Configuration at Magento Store.


1. To set-up Google Analytics in Magento go to System > Configuration
2. Select the correct “Current Configuration Scope” for your store
3. Navigate to the Sales tab
4. Under this, select the Google API link. Click this link to load the Google API settings for your store.
5. Select ‘Yes’ from the drop-down menu in the Enable field
6. Enter the Google Analytics account number in the ‘Account Number’ field, and click ‘Save Config’ button.


That’s it. Now login to Google Analytics account at: and select your website to see results and track your website performance. Usually it take few hours to monitor and start website analysis.


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