India ranks second biggest recipient in Facebook $1M Bug Bounty !!

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Recently a giant social networking website Facebook said that it has paid over USD 1 million in the past two years to bug hunters or security researchers who finds and reports bugs on his website. Amazing discovery is that India is ranked as second biggest recipient in Facebook bug bounty program.  The social networking major noted that “The countries with the most bounty recipients are, in order, the US, India, UK, Turkey, and Germany. The countries with the fastest-growing number of recipients are, in order, the US, India, Turkey, Israel, Canada, Germany, Pakistan, Egypt, Brazil, Sweden, and Russia”


Some of the bug researchers are professional guys, teachers, part-timers as well as students. Among all India is the second largest country in terms of Facebook bug recipient, first being the US. A bug is an error in hardware and software which causes the malfunctioning of a particular program or software. A bug can cause any software to produce unexpected results and even worse it can also result in permanent crash or failure which can be used to gain unauthorized access to systems.


“Our Bug Bounty program allows us to harness the talent and perspective of people from all kinds of backgrounds, from all around the world” Facebook Security Engineer Collin Greene said.


Also two of the bug bounty recipients have taken up full-time jobs with the Facebook security team, he added. Overall, the bug-researchers are spread across 51 countries with 20 percent of the bug bounty paid so far.

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