What makes iOS 10 a major makeover over iOS 9

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Apple at WWDC recently launched iOS 10 which is plethora of excellent new features. let’s peek into these feature to know what makes them brilliant. ios-10-nimblechapps

Updated Unlock Feature

iOS 10 boasts an unlock feature that has turned a bit transparent which let user get informed with good amount of information as soon as iPhone is picked up. It also allows users to initiate and finish full message conversation through notification itself apart from responding important mails right from notification center. Actually notification will do more than just notify.


Safari is smoother than before

User can easily manage and switch between more than previous limit of 36 tabs without any lag. While browsing if came across any foreign word simply tap and hold it till it’s relevant meaning and videos show up.


Message App map moves up with multiple options

Apple’s in-built Messages app has been revamped to offer engaging experience on behalf of its special effects like sticker dragging to anywhere you wish in the message and adding animated glitter dust on your message to amaze your recipient.


Check unread mails all in one go

iOS 10 mail app has dedicated button at bottom left to very quickly go through all unread mails. Simply tap to know what mails have escaped your attention. Same button can be used to add filters based on your requirements to further enhance your e-mail experience on iOS 10.


Wi-FI Security

Security has always high in apple’s list while delivering updates, continuing the legacy iOS 10 is going to notify users when their Wi-Fi network comes across some outdated security protocols.


Siri gets out of the box

It is a welcoming gesture from Apple where users will find flexibility to ask siri do tasks on apps that are not native to Apple’s App Store. This feature will be functional on popular apps as well as on many others


Maps experience modified

Maps will be advanced like other apps if you travel to specific location on particular time map will show up same destination next time during that time slot. Also multiple filter search option is going to precise the search range to get your favorite spot quickly. Maps will also zoom in and out before next turn or other important landmark.


Storage Optimization

iOS 10 has resolved the ever existing problem of smartphone falling short of storage. Tracking user behavior regarding data that has not been frequently used for a very long time will be automatically deleted.

There’s is much more for Apple fans  to dig about  iOS 10 here.


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