iOS Development Trends in 2017 beyond Tips and Tricks

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iOS Development Trends


It is quite evident that iOS app development will continue to dominate the technology in all sphere of life in future as it is today. Smartphone users will grow from 4 billion users in last year to almost 5 billion users in 2017. Mobile app development will further grow into newer dimensions. In order to execute a new mobile development policy, a very strong and comprehensive understanding of latest trends emerging currently is required. Here i discuss key trends that are imperative to ensure quick and quality development in 2017.

1-Swift Coding
Swift being based on very modern compiler infrastructure allows writing reliable codes and became favourite of app developers providing a full range of frameworks and coding methodologies. Since Swift became open source and saw a sharp rise in users who adopted Swift. The interesting part about Swift is it provide solid learning curve with ease of use. This year will witness huge implementation of Swift 3.0 and will emerge as the primary tool replacing Objective-C for iOS application development .
2-Augmented Reality& GPS enabled Applications
A location enabled app on your smartphone assists user with vital information regarding products/services with reviews or price comparison and more such important parameters. Pokeman Go witnessed sharp growth on behalf of being a GPS enabled application. iOS developers will implement both AR and GPS to provide pleasing experience to users. GPS technology will also be explored deeply for development of 3D games application with security being only cause of concern regarding usage of location based services.
3-IoT in Apps
Sharp rise in the ROI of firms totally based on IoT and similar growth in the number of IoT developers. This will result in development of quality driven apps specially to maximize the utilization of IoT products. Crucial area pf focus for iOS developers will be secure information exchange over Wi-Fi networks as well as signal recognition through sensors of IoT devices.
Apple is ahead and in right direction regarding its privacy policy updates with its App Transport Security (ATS), although iOS implements strict and secure privacy policies and has been quite popular for that. ATP will be mandatory for every iOS app development thereby, producing highly innovative and solid data encryption standards as sincere efforts are put in this domain by Apple’s developers community .
5-Enterprise Apps based on iOS
Management of data and process dynamically in engaging way and real time customer interaction are two core factors that resulted in rise of enterprise mobile app development. These enterprise apps are being built over companies CRM employing agile methodologies opening opportunities for development of enterprise apps. A great combo of IoT, enterprise mobile app development and big data will be explored by iOS developers and may beat android in terms of revenue if not quantity wise.
Hopefully, my view on upcoming trends of 2017 for iOS app development will provide you clear and concise understanding of key dimension to focus for development of great iOS apps.



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