ISTQB Credentiality Accomplishment – International Acclamation bagged by Singsys, India

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“Potential is not an endpoint but the capacity to grow and learn…”- So well has this been lately conceptualized by our ardent member on board, Mr. Shubham Singh by bagging the renowned ‘International Software Testing Qualifications Board’ Certification.

Singsys family would like to extend the warmest congratulatory note to Shubham for excelling in ISTQB- Evaluation. Not only has he proved the mettle of his proficient skills but has also well acclaimed the ‘anthem of excellence’. Shubham has been a diligent and supremely technically competent part of the Testing & Quality Control Team.

ISTQB is the epitome of ‘International Certified Quality Tester’ credentials and is indeed a significant addition to the illustrative portfolio of the Quality Team on board.

Singsys is anonymous with integrity, excellence, empowerment, customer first and respect for individuals.

The sincere and collaborative efforts of the distinguished ‘Training & Development’ initiative along with the novel ‘empowering sessions’ for the members on board has been the prominent driving force for such laurels to be celebrated.

Singsys family rejoices this acclamation with utmost gratification!

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