From Vision to Victory: Thank You Clients and Partners

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At Singsys, we have been fortunate to traverse a remarkable journey fuelled by the unwavering belief and trust our clients have bestowed upon us. As we reflect upon our growth, it is with immense gratitude that we acknowledge the pivotal role played by our clients in shaping the trajectory of Singsys.

Belief: A Two-Way Street

As we have come to understand, it is not just a one-sided affair. It’s a reciprocal bond, one that has been instrumental in propelling the success of both Singsys and our esteemed clients. We take immense pride in the fact that our clients do not just perceive us as service providers but as strategic allies deeply invested in their growth and prosperity. The symbiotic relationship between Singsys and our clients has been the cornerstone upon which we have built success after success, overcoming challenges, exploring new horizons, and setting industry benchmarks along the way.

Message from our very first client Mr Sim Mong Chai, Director – Acrafile Pte Ltd Singapore

Celebrating Milestones: Our Collaborative Projects

Our journey would not be complete without acknowledging the transformative projects we have been privileged to be a part of. Each project represents not just a business endeavour but a testament to the trust our clients have placed in us to bring their visions to life. Here are a few notable collaborations:

Some of Our Projects

Mobile Applications

1. Awareness AI App: Awareness AI helps you return safely to the workplace by helping you track your health and wellness. All it takes is a simple step to check in with Awareness AI in the morning before you leave for work.

Awareness AI helps you to:

– Stay updated about your health and wellness data

– Track your health and wellness through trending graphs

– Ensure that you have completed the required symptom checkers

– Coordinate with your colleagues

Awareness AI is here to assist you in managing workplace health and wellness.

2. Nimeya: Nimeya is an AI-driven personal financial wellness app that helps users to organise financial investments and liabilities – all in one place, in a secure manner. One can also conveniently store all financial documents in a KeepSafe – a digital locker.

The “Investometer” measures financial well-being by providing the net worth and financial
scores on a real-time basis. 

The AI-driven platform not only digitises all financial information but also generates a dashboard which provides 360° views of all investments and liabilities on a real-time basis for oneself and family members under a single account. 

3. KPMG: A global leader, offers diverse professional services, leveraging a robust mobile app for client-centric excellence.  KPMG firms operate in 143 countries and territories, and in FY23, collectively employed more than 270,000 partners and people, serving the needs of business, governments, public-sector agencies, not-for-profits and through KPMG firms’ audit and assurance practices, the capital markets. KPMG is committed to quality and service excellence in all that they do, bringing the best to clients and earning the public’s trust through actions and behaviours both professional and personal. They lead with a commitment to quality and integrity across the KPMG global organisation, bringing a passion for client success and a purpose to serve and improve the communities in which KPMG firms operate. In a world where rapid change and unprecedented disruption are the new normal, they inspire confidence and empower change in all they do.

4. H&M Mobile App: Global fashion platform, inspiring trends and style for all. In 1947, the founder had a vision. Erling Persson wanted to make great fashion available to everyone and to do it in the right way. They built the foundation for a customer-focused, creative, value-driven and responsible company.

Since then, they went from a single store to an entire family of brands—offering customers all around the world the best combination of fashion, design, quality and sustainability at affordable prices.

An already long-standing culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, a tireless focus on the customers and the ability to scale great ideas to the benefit of millions of people. These are the foundations of their contributions to an industry-wide transformation and their ability to make their own business sustainable and circular.

Website Applications

1. Aron Global: Origin offices manage the Americas and Africa. Singapore and Dubai oversee Asian strategy, financing, HR, risk, and sales. Aron Global was founded in 2008 as a five member operation across Singapore, India, and El Salvador with the objective of being the largest teak trader in the world. They achieved this goal in 2017.

In 2012, Aron Global entered the scrap business via its existing country offices and by 2019 had become the largest exporter of scrap metal in Central America.

In 2019, they decided to enter Africa and opened offices in Ghana and Benin. To support the new Africa operations, in 2020 they decided to open a second trading centre at the DMCC Free Zone in Dubai.

2. Daikin Proshop: Trusted solutions for premium Daikin air conditioning solutions. The ProShop platform enables you to generate quotes and place orders for Split, Sky Air, VAM and Air Purifier products online, at any time of day or night – and on any device.

ProShop provides wide-ranging additional support so that they can deliver an enhanced professional service to the customers and manage all the projects with renewed efficiency.

3. Aunty SG: An app that connects you to trusted and reliable babysitters to provide the best care for your children when you really need a break. The sitters are responsible young adults and/or fellow mums looking for an opportunity to support and contribute to their community, while earning a side income. 

Here at Aunty, they strongly believe that parents need a break once in a while because it is challenging to give your 100% attention when they are running on empty. Well-rested parents will be able to raise happy and thriving children.

4. HeySara: Is a new breed of Corporate Secretary that leverages on the latest Digital Technology and solutions, to provide a Cloud-based Secretarial experience to many small businesses in Singapore.

They are capable of all forms of outsourcing services – incorporation, accounting, tax filings, XBRL, email hosting, corporate secretarial, no-frills co-working and dedicated room.

HeySara has been selected as naturally as possible. It’s simple to say, and easy to remember. Sara is a name that infers compromise and is likely to follow the lead. It is tactful, sensitive, diplomatic, and a team player. Sara easily understands the thoughts of other people. When anyone hears the name Sara, it is perceived as someone who is impressive, elegant and noble. It has a kind nature that allows it to work well with others.

Our creators have chosen HeySara to define what they want to develop, a solution that gives anyone, the team, and the job ease, concentration and flow.

Marketing and Branding 

1. The French Cake Company: The goal was to create a bespoke patisserie, haute-couture desert that exceeds traditional standards. They offer a very high-quality product that looks wonderful and tastes fantastic. The aim is to work closely to deliver something extra to the event, that will bring the guests together around an original and completely personalised desert. Being the highlight of the party during a special moment in the family’s life, or creating a buzz at a corporate event, the unique and decorated patisserie is there to surprise and enlighten with smiles and wonder.

2. TNS Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.: Based in Singapore, TNS offers edge connectivity, industrial computing and network infrastructure and industrial cybersecurity products for critical environments. They believe in technology being an enabler to solve meaningful problems at scale. TNS has over 20 years of experience in deployments across sectors. Power, renewable energy, smart buildings, data centres, industrial automation and more.

They are the authorised distributor for Moxa, Axiomtek, Puls and Sena. The experienced team provides pre/after-sales consultation and technical support. TNS looks forward to connecting and supporting the digital transformation journey.

3. Zions Wedding Planners: The place where dreams become unforgettable moments! They are a passionate team of wedding planners and event management experts dedicated to turning your special day into a masterpiece of love, joy, and seamless celebration.

Founded with love and creativity, has been transforming dreams into reality since. What started as a humble venture blossomed into a full-service wedding planning and event management company, driven by the commitment to excellence and a genuine passion for crafting extraordinary experiences.

4. Saranya Fashion: At Saranya, they connect everyone to India’s heritage, most beautiful handcrafted products from corners of India! Saranya  is about bringing the world a little closer to the real beauty of India. From the word Saranya you can assume the meaning , in Sanskrit it means giving shelter under one roof , So in Saranya you will get all products under one roof. They discover the best designs from artisans and craftsmen from all over India, and deliver them at the doorstep no matter where anyone is sitting – Mumbai or USA, UK or Australia, Canada or Dubai, or anywhere in the world!

Today, when customers shop for clothing online, they are concerned about two things: 1. Is it Authentic? 2. Would it be exactly similar to how it looks in the picture?

The extreme dedication to customer satisfaction and the utmost care for the authenticity of the products. They take full care of this issues so that this problem does not arises.

Every Saranya Products reflects the different facets of beauty, craft, and consciousness.

As we express our heartfelt gratitude to each client and partner who has walked alongside us on this journey, we also reaffirm our commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaborative growth. Together, we have achieved milestones, surpassed expectations, and paved the way for a future filled with endless possibilities.

Here’s to the journey behind us, the milestones ahead, and the enduring partnerships that continue to inspire us to reach new heights.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

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