Microsoft Makes Indoor Navigation Possible without GPS. Lets Know how

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Microsoft Research has recently released an intelligent indoor navigation app with the focus on the indoor navigation part of a building to ease the user experience while visiting a crowded or new location. Existing sensors on a smartphone will be utilised to make indoor navigation possible to simplify the otherwise time-consuming task. It covers all possible places normally most of the users visit frequently.

Sensors involved in Path Guide Application

  • Accelerometers (for counting steps)

  • Magnetometers (to gather details about area where user is starting)


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Consider a person initiating a trace to reach a particular indoor location. Trace is an awesome feature will add up the path with notes, route specific images as well as voice recordings if the location is represented by PINs. Path Guide enables users to create and share indoor navigation indoor routes with others as well as these reference trace will be saved in the cloud.

The application will use user’s walking patterns ( steps covered, turns involved, stairs climbed) along with location-specific geomagnetic features derived on behalf of smartphone sensors to generate a reference trace. A delight for new visitors to a place will be they can also track the path back to starting point.


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This app Path Guide will prove to be an excellent support system for people with low vision and for those who find indoor navigation available inside building pretty confusing to deal as foreigners might not be sufficiently familiar with the language of the sign boards. It would be pretty appropriate to say that app is the Google Maps for indoor paths. Path Guide is presently available only for Android devices. Download the app and experience the hassle free navigation indoors.

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