Most Important and Productive Programming Languages for 2019

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programming languages to learn in 2019

Programming languages never stop evolving and new languages usually replace the existing programming. It is quite common that many developers especially freshers find it quite hard to decode which is the best programming language to learn?


Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. – Martin Fowler

This article will help you decide to learn best programming languages in 2019 based on various factors as in today’s technologically driven era ability to write computer program is very valuable skill.



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It is among the most easiest to learn and deploy programming language. The best part is use of normal english that will help you get expertise over the syntax with less to no problem at all.

python programmer

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Python will act as additional armour in your arsenal if you have already mastered Ruby, Java and Javascript. Python makes it possible to create scripts to automate the stuff, venture into web app development and even more.


Python is the “most powerful language you can still read”. – Paul Dubois


Today python is perceived as more powerful than any other language among the developer community in terms of machine learning and data science.


2. Java


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Java has remained among the most productive programming language for decades and is one of the best programming language to learn in 2019 especially if you are looking for a language that is useful in different scenarios.


Java: write once, run away! –Brucee


Java API is having zero compatibility issues so it can smoothly handle numerous number of procedures and functions. There are API that can be used for networking, XML parsing, DB connection and anything programmer might desire under the sun.


Java is omnipresent and an object-oriented programming language. The Java Class Library make possible the cross-platform development. It is also amazingly useful for game development, scripting, web based content, enterprise application and more.




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PHP can be used to create dynamic web applications that have ability to communicate with database. It runs the code inside its own memory so it has very fast website loading speed.

Few more points that make PHP a perfect choice for one among the most productive programming language to learn in 2019 are

  • Flexibility in terms of database connectivity
  • Active and large StackOverflow Community
  • Most reliable when website has not too many pages
  • Good control make it easy in PHP to edit website
  • Development of CRM,CMS and eCommerce using PHP is fast
  • Several security levels makes it best choice for hybrid web app development.


4. JavaScript


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If you want to become  a full-stack developer in 2019 then it is necessary to have sound knowledge of both front-end and back-end technologies. Gone are the days when Javascript usage was limited till front-end development and it is require to learn an extra programming language like Java, C#, or PHP for back-end development.


Always bet on JavaScript Brendan Eich


Today the back-end development is possible using Node.js with Javascript. This will save a lot of time as there won’t be any need to spend 2 years to be a full stack developer as upon mastering JavaScript the learning time period will be reduced to maximum 3 to 4 months.


5. Swift


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Swift programming language is used for development of iOS apps. It is an open source programming language that gives programmers freedom to implement it on different applications as well as during creation of backend. It has very clean syntax so it is easy to read and code.

Apple has combined both println() and print() functions into one.


No need to bother about use of semicolons as Swift supports automatic memory management. When using Swift developers need not bother about app maintenance in form of two separate files. In Swift developers have to code really less due to Type interface feature. Apple is working hard on evolving swift as its core programming language.


6. Kotlin


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In kotlin programmers will require less line of codes in comparison to other programming language so writing code and reviewing it is very quick. Kotlin 100% interoperability with Java means application built using Java can be migrated to Kotlin.


Kotlin –  Safety From Null References


Kotlin should be learn by programmers in 2019 if he is a Java developer interested in developing better apps in less time. Kotlin is packed with features that are necessary to develop complex applications with high degree of efficiency.

If you learn these amazing programming languages then you will surely make great applications in 2019. These languages will be helpful in boosting your tech skills.
“ Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.” – Rich Cook


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