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Single Page Application

We all access various types of websites on a daily basis which keeps reloading the entire thing from the server during every interaction with the user. This is something that doesn’t contributes to a very engaging user experience. Here the full webpage reloads multiple times to fetch all the HTML elements in it while keeping the user wait at the same time.

Single Page Application on behalf of its unique architectural approach is a pleasing affair where none of the HTML is sent over the network after the initial loading of the page. Here only the data is requested from or sent to the server. The advantage of SPAs is as only data is sent over the wire hence, only minimum amount of bandwidth and time are consumed in comparison to sending HTML.


It is surprising to know that Single Page Applications act very much similar to a native app functionality wise. SPA enables us to access the entire web page at once because only a part of the content you want to access will change and browser will easily render required content far more quickly than fetching the entire web page.


What makes Single Page Web Application So Special

  • Responsiveness
    The amazing advantage of a single page application is its responsiveness on both desktops as well as mobile devices. Although many multi-page websites are also responsive due to complex structure hence it is a navigation is a hassle for users.


  • Appealing Call to Action
    There is no space limit hence the call-to-action on SPAs are far more effective and engaging than the traditional web applications where only limited space is provided. The interesting way of storytelling on single page application inspire.


  • The Simplicity
    There are no page refresh as well as quick and smooth user experience is key to making it a very suitable for great user experience. The easy structure and ability to work without internet are the reason these are most suitable for business. Your website is free of multiple pages, categories and unnecessary sections yet it is completely optimized to represent your business objectives through simplicity.


Tracking Single Page Applications with GTM(Google Tag Manager)

As all the mandatory code load once hence you will view only single page view in the Google Analytics report. As most of the web tracking tools are designed for conventional websites hence they are capable of detecting only if a new page loads.


Google Analytics with help of Google Tag Manager allows you to track Single Page Websites




AngularJS is most preferred technology to develop Single Page Web Applications

  1. It enable developer to easily identify how the logic is controlling the data and then separate them easily.
  2. It also allows the Single Page Applications developers to separate the controller and the code to derive a custom UI effect
  3. Developers can easily set up customised template and a controller have a view of all  parts of the application in a single page.


Here is a list of some best Single Page Website from diverse array

  1. playground
  2. popularpays
  3. netzbewegung
  4. kostasbartsokas
  5. hackerrank
  6. redcollar
  7. theheysen
  8. skarv-fashion
  9. elegantseagulls


It is highly likely that future will be full of appreciation towards use of Single Page Application model (including a hybrid app), for their web apps due to multiple benefits associated with it. The natural evolution of web programming with an excellent integration with mobile devices  has witnessed multiple brands switching to this format.


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