Options to Explore for Maximum App Monetization

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Maximum App Monetization

Maximum App Monetization

It is good that you are ready with your App launch but, it will be great to figure out how to commercialize your app to maximize it monetization. Majority of developers are facing the same scenario. More than Million applications are available at Play Store with majority of them free of cost. App development is quite easy in comparision to app monetization as plethora of apps are available for every user.

Before end of 2017 as per Gartner (Renowned research and advisory firm delivering  information technology industry related insight for global IT companies ) predicts almost 95% of downloads will be regarding  free apps. Implementation of right approach will ensure your app generates right amount of ROI.


Majority of Ads tends to separate users from entertainment hence, it will be wise to implement your monetization strategy behind Ads in a manner that doesn’t add up to annoyance of user.Unnecessarily long Ads that seems to appear more often will never please user under any condition. I would recommend you to integrate your Ad into App naturally which is a part of introducing Ads smartly into your Application. Different apps require different monetization model for maximum profit so a wise approach to choose perfect model will better equip you towards reaping the financial benefits of your app


Paid Apps or Premium

Paid apps model is a direct mode to monetize your app. Although in comparison to free apps, paid apps will be considered only when a recognizable brand is behind them. These Brands have gathered year of appreciation on behalf their user centric approach and that justifies the cost of App.  This model is suitable for Android application development company.


Free Apps or Freemium

This model allows user to freely download the app but restrict premium features to its paid version. Music and gaming apps are best suited for this type of model where intention of developer is to engage maximum users by letting them access to limited features. The best part of such model is lets user better decide either to continue further with paid version or limited features are doing his job completely. This is the reason Freemium app are more popular than premium apps. Although it’s a bit slow monetization model but with wider and fruitful prospects. This model is fast catching up as favorite platform for mobile app developers who are in initial phase  of career.

Either of the  business models mentioned above are potentially revenue oriented. It is service that you provide better correlates with your ROI. As far as maximum monetization is cause of your concern simply providing more make your app more good platform to earn through In-App Ads. Primary focus should be on best in-class user experience so further  a solid strategy can be deviced to find which app best fit at which stage in App.

A very sharp and in-depth understanding of target audience is like mandatory. Native advertising is one such more sophisticated form of advertising where developers promote relevant content inside app

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