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Playing video from the server, application bundle and you tube embed code in iOS Applications

We have 3 ways to play videos in iOS applications, which is given below.

1. To play video which resides on the server.
2. To play video which reside in our system or our application bundle.
3. To play video using “you tube” embed code. (more…)

Today Facebook Adds New API to surf Real Time Conversation

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of giant social networking site Facebook is introducing a set of social tool – the Keyword Insights API and the Public Feed API to get some insight into what is hot and trendy on facebook. This will be accomplished by two tools.


Google Chrome App Run on your Desktop now !!

One of the most popular browser, Google Chrome has turned five and Google has updated the functionality and features of its Chrome apps. Google Chrome would now have the ability to launch the apps from a window desktop. (more…)

Use consistent naming convention in programming to easily understand the source code

In computer programming, naming convention might be considered as a set of rules for choosing the identifiers to denote variables, types and functions & methods names in source code and project documentation. The purpose for using this naming convention is only to reduce the effort needed to read and understand the source code and to also to enhance the code appearance by using appropriate and concise keys.



Yahoo China which is operated by Chinese e-Commerce and Internet services behemoth has finally shut down its web portal. Yahoo China is now displaying a good-bye message to its user before redirecting their users to Taobao is a news site which is run by Alibaba groups Taobao. (more…)

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