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HTML5 Dynamic Content Importance and Insights

HTML5 dynamic Data

Since the release of HTML5 integration of dynamic content in your website has become easy and quick. Previous to HTML5 dynamic content required the support of third party plugins. Among various type of dynamic content flash is most popular. You can directly embed content into the code without the intervention of any third party plugins. Dynamic content majorly includes videos, web applications, customer accounts, animated graphics and interactive forms.



Data Binding Working in Angular JS

Data Binding Angular JS

Data binding refers to the process that is used for establishing a connection between the application UI and business logic. The Two-way data binding point towards the ability of binding changes with an object’s properties to changes in the UI and vice-versa. It means if we have a user object with a name property, when we assign a new value to the UI will display the new name. Similarly, if an input field is included in UI for the username then the entering of value will result in a change in the name property of the user object.

How to get a Timestamp in JavaScript

 Timestamp JavaScript

Method getTime() returns the total number of milliseconds between midnight of January 1, 1970 and the date specified by you. The often requirement to calculate with unix timestamp.


How to Append Anything into JavaScript Array

Append in Javascript Array with Push()

The push() method is used for adding one or more elements at the end of an array and returns the new length of the array. In order to add items at beginning of the array unshift() method is used. It  can be used with call() or apply() with objects that are similar to arrays. The push method applies the  length property to identify pint of inserting the given values. When the length property is not  converted into a number 0 is used as index. This considers the possibility of length being nonexistent hence in such scenario length will be created.


Using Swift to Call Objective C Code

 Swift is a new programming language that is purely compatible with objective C. This makes it possible to use objective C file code in Swift file

Swift is a new programming language that is purely compatible with objective C. This makes it possible to use objective C file code in Swift file. Apple claims the co-existence of Swift and Objective C in an application but, this does not relate to re-using old classes made  in Objective-C whilst building new classes in Swift. The reason being as Objective-C is a platform-independent language unlike  Swift is platform-dependent. Now, implementing non-platform-dependent code in Swift won’t be fruitful. henceforth, writing platform dependent code in Swift would be absolutely fine.


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