Prisma photo filter app is now available to everyone on Android

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Prisma photo filter app now out of beta and available to everyone on Android. With more than 400 million pictures “prismed” and over 10.6 million installs on iOS, Prisma is arriving on Android having barely been able to sustain its popularity among iPhone users.  Prisma the turn-your-photos-into-paintings app that’s been blowing up over the past few weeks, is now launching on Android in full form. That means you no longer need a beta invite, and will be available to all Android users on the Google Play Store.


The app has only been available in beta form on Android for about five days, so this is a surprisingly quick turnaround. Prisma, which is a new photo app that’s been quite popular over on iOS. The big challenge for Prisma now is to take on the Android influx without succumbing to the pressures of its popularity.



Source:- The Verge


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