Say No’ to ‘Single-use Plastic’: Singsys’s On-Campus Drive

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Say No To Plastic


Singsys recently joined the note-worthy national movement to strive towards making India ‘single-use’ plastic-free, with its association with the Self4Society platform. 

With continual workplace and corporate practices towards eradicating the single-use plastic, Singsys takes another leap forward towards contributing with their sincerest efforts per the ‘Clean India’ Movement! 

Volunteers enthusiastically upheld the ‘Single-Use Plastic’ Free On-Campus Drive to promote the corporate reduction of single-use plastic utilities towards striving for achieving a single-use plastic-free workplace. Employee Encouragement & Awareness Program was another significant aspect uptaken to upscale this initiative to build a plastic-free India.

As a responsible corporate organization, Singsys uptakes complete eradication of disposable plastic glasses and cutlery. Eco-friendly workplace norms with the adoption of continuous efforts towards motivating the employees for emerging as socially responsible citizens formed an integral part of the Singsys’s methodological conditioning.  

Earnest steps as one being using and promoting ‘stainless-steel bottles’ in place of plastic ones were zealously promoted with awareness propaganda being enthusiastically amplified amongst the corporate space. 

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