Singsys Records 5-Star Review on Clutch for Recent Mobile App Dev for Social Networking Platform

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Everyone who has a smartphone is using an application. You probably use one for leisure, work, entertainment, and even education. Other appliances and even  smart homes utilize mobile applications! Yes, there are lightbulbs you can control on your smartphone and even refrigerators and ovens just by using their apps.


These mobile applications have played a huge role in our society. They make our lives easier and accessible. The convenience they offer is unrivaled and they continue to help a lot of people and businesses alike. For companies like banks and financial institutions, the customizability of these applications is helpful in bringing their services to their customers and filling their niche needs.


Furthermore, social media applications like Facebook continue to bridge the gap between friends and families who are separated from their loved ones. They continue to create a world where everyone is connected and one where you can do a lot of things with just a tap of your finger.


Just recently, our company was hired by a startup called TlkOut Initiative Private Limited to help them in developing their hybrid mobile application. The goal of the project is to develop and design an application that will focus on user experience. The app was also developed on both Android and iOS platforms to give it more flexibility for its users.


Here is a brief statement from Muskaan Karanwal, Founder of TlkOut Initiative Private Limited, about their experience with us:

“The knowledge and expertise of the lead developer and the designer. They always made it a point to hear our needs and expectations out and present us with a solution that was both cost effective and would fair well with the users.”


Here is the summary of the review, but you can find the complete version on our Clutch profile:

Clutch Review
Our team is excited and happy to receive such kind words from our partners. Their satisfaction is the main reason why we continue to grind day in and out! We are dedicated to bringing amazing services to each and every project we may come across in the future!


Apart from this great feedback, you can also find us on The Manifest’s website. We are listed among the top development companies on their site. Check out their platform that showcases top companies in each industry.


Looking for a mobile app developer that can cater to your needs? Contact us today! Our team is excited to work with you. Together, we’ll scale milestones for your next business idea.