Siri to sound more surreal enhancing the iOS 10 experience

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Apple is ready to swap licensed technology for Deep Neural Network. A central Database of recordings is employed along with machine learning to smoothly the sentences ensuring siri sound more natural and filled with courtesy of human voice basically it will smoothen overall iOS 10 experience.


At times people found it uncomfortable when Siri pronounced their name weirdly. Singer Barbra Streisand complained Apple CEO regarding how offensive she felt when Siri pronounced her last name incorrectly. Now, Tim Cook has promised to resolve all such issues in the coming update. This update has also improved Siri ability to identify and comprehend commands ensuring Siri to cater to needs of global audience.


Apart from voice improvement. Apple allowed Siri to app developers so their apps can take leverage of Siri’s functionality. unlike before when only Apple apps and a selective bunch of 3rd party apps could work with Siri. Siri is also ready to work with YouTube search on Apple TV.


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