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Google Penalties: What you Need to Know and How to Safeguard your Website

Google constantly works on refining its algorithms to enhance search quality, providing users with optimal answers to their queries. However, it’s unrealistic to expect algorithms to handle everything flawlessly. Complementing their automated processes, Google maintains a Search Quality team dedicated to manually assessing websites exhibiting signs of unethical practices. Evaluating whether a site adheres to rules is a full-time responsibility for this team. 


Warning: Google to Delete Accounts Inactive for 2 Years

Starting from December 2023, Google has implemented a policy update whereby personal accounts that remain inactive for a period of two years will be subject to deletion.

Google accounts that have not been used or signed into for at least two years will be subject to removal. This policy aims to improve data privacy, security, and account management. If you have an unused Google account or know someone who does, it’s important to understand the implications and take necessary actions to ensure data retention and access to Google services.


New edge hangout by Google : Here’s new Google Meet

Google Meet


Since times immemorial Google has been the up the line to work on the experiences of their users, which always proved to ease the socialization. Here’s the new edge hangout, which Google has recently launched  “Meet” . More than half the workforce will contribute remotely by 2020, so here’s google’s new business purpose built tools to help employees succeed.