Use Mapkit framework to create a custom annotation view over map view

We use Maps to find places and directions. The MapKit framework makes it easy for developers to create custom annotation view to implement applications which can make use of the maps in the applications. To create a custom annotation view over map view using  Mapkit framework just follow these simple steps. (more…)

Google launches Person finder to help find persons dislocate during Cyclone Phailin

With the threat in eastern coast of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh region of being hit by Cyclone Phailin, Google has launched a ‘Person Finder’, an open-source software to help find thousands of people missing or displaced by the storm to reconnect with their relatives and friends.



How to choose a good Web Design Company

A competent and compelling website is the face of your online business. An effective website will lure more potential customers to your business which will ultimately multiply your business profits and boost your business sale. Every website owners cannot create a website by themselves for their business. They need a good web design company to meet perfectly their business requirements.



Use App.config file to make connection with database in C# window based Applications

Creating a database connection string from app.config is a very common practice used in C# windows based application. Follow these simple steps to make connection with database in C# window based application using App.config file. (more…)

LG new curved screen phone to be launch in 2014

Very soon LG is going to launch a smartphone with curved and flexible screens in 2014. The light-emitting diode (OLED) panels in these phones are made of plastic rather than glass which makes them both flexible and unbreakable, and allows the creation of foldable designs which could soon change the high-tech smartphone market.


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