Must Have Features for Successful E-commerce Website

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features of great e-commerce website

What makes an eCommerce website great is its ability to turn business into a brand in minimum possible time. Usually business owners believe that success is based upon products quality but this is not completely true and it is possible to achieve if website excels in terms of features, functionality and design.

Let us have a quick look into anatomy of a well optimised eCommerce website.

Product Images & Product Description
Images are must to boost chances of selling products online and high quality images are even better option to raise the ROI of an eCommerce website. Basically product image provide information instantaneously and human brain is naturally programmed to grasp visuals better than words.

product image & description

Image Credit: Volusion

Research by Nielson Norman states almost 80 percent of user visiting eCommerce website are more interested in images than words. The more high quality images present on website the higher the chances that it will be shared by the user. The sharing of product images is another awesome way to boost the chances of sale. Never compromise on including high end product images.

The product description should not be ignored as a not so appealing set of words used as product description will negatively impact the product image in buyers mind. A well written product description of 3-4 sentences will help to make customer realise it is in customers interest to buy the product now not afterwards so that the order is placed as soon as now.

Device Compatibility

device compatibility

Image Credit: WooCommerce

The unprecedented rise in mobile shoppers means the eCommerce website will be browsed on devices of different screen size. It is important to make the website compatible with help of responsive design. In this manner online store will auto scale itself to device screen. Google consider mobile friendliness as important ranking factor for SERP ranking.

Check your Check out Process
It is very good if the website is loaded with amazing product images and compelling product description but that is not where the optimisation ends. The optimization of checkout page is equally important to boost sales thereby making the eCommerce website more productive.

checkout process

Image Credit: BigCommerce 

A well optimised checkout page can be achieved in below manner effectively

  • Minimisation of header and footer to important links like product shipping status, product reviews and secure payment gateway only. This will help user focus on most important thing to do on checkout page that is buy the product.
  • Eliminate gathering personal data that is not important for purchasing the product.
  • Use of Google autofill to save customer precious time and let them not experience even a little amount of frustration during the checkout.
  • Free shipping option will give the impression that you really care for your customer interest. A good impression will prove far more beneficial as customer tend to pay more for product than for product shipping.
  • Providing helpful information like where to find CVV code in the card will ease the checkout process even for first time buyers.

Live Chat Option

Live chat option has the potential to bring back the customer who is turning back from purchase after making up the mind for purchase due to some confusion or lack of information.  When a customer will receive quick solution to his queries then it will naturally boost his confidence before buying the product.

live chat

Image Credit: ACQUIRE

A proactive live chat option is very useful to significantly reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment. Live chat option has more humane touch over other mode of contact like phone or email.

Another benefit of live chat is to motivate the customer to make more purchase. Imagine a scenario customer is buying a chair then the idea of having a desk for the same sounds meaningful.

Product Filtering

An eCommerce website is full of products that cater to needs of all type of users but from single user perspective it is few selected products that a user will plan to buy. It is quite obvious that user might end up wasting lot of time to figure out his favourite products.

filter option

A product filtering option based on various product attributes like user rating, price, size, and material will help user narrow down the search to specific set of products which will the ones in which user will be actually interested.

The Bottom Line

These are those features which when done with intention to comfort user during online shopping will sky rocket the sales as well as help users view your eCommerce website as one of the most user friendly online store. You can get these features and much more by giving us the responsibility to design your eCommerce store.

Our eCommerce experts will leverage their eCommerce application development skills to set up your custom built online store as per the industry standards to give you a competitive edge over others in the market.

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