TokBox launches WebRTC Archiving and Android SDK

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Today Tokbox launches its WebRTC Archiving and Android. Now the developers who are working with WebRTC Archiving and android can now build native android applications and can archive live video chats in their apps.


Tokbox is a telecommunication company who is releasing a set of new WebRTC features by using its OpenTok platform. TokBox has previously launched its iOS SDK that allow developers to build native applications for their iOS devices and playback live video communications within their application.

Now after the release of WebRTC Archiving and Android, the developers can add real time audio and video chat with many extended features to their android apps also which will save conversations in a single H.264/AAC MP4 file. It will also allow developers to download or stream it through the player of their choice.


In addition to above two mentioned features, TokBox also also released two new exciting features to its platform which are –


1. Dynamic Frame Rate Control: This will allow developers to effectively and logically allocate frame rates to video streams in real time based on application logic.


2. TURN over TCP: allowing WebRTC applications to run in environments which was previously restricted by many corporate firewalls.


Company CEO Ian Small said :


“As the WebRTC community continues to grow, we continue to listen and provide the most advanced and requested capabilities so developers can just build great products. Archiving & Playback and native support for Android have been the most requested features from developers and enterprises alike over the past year. Our ongoing mission is to provide developers with the best tools for creating innovative websites and mobile applications incorporating live video. We’re trying to make it both easy for developers to build, and to improve the experience for their users.”


OpenTok Android SDK demo version is available on GitHub here Developers can download it from there. Right now this android SDK is is beta version and is working only in few supported devices and it will start supporting more devices soon.



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