5 Great Github Tips for Novice Programmers

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GotHub Tips

GitHub is a great website visited by hundreds of thousands of users from the developer community on daily basis. This website act as a basic and reliable tool for developers to change and manage the code in a very fast manner. GitHub is equally advantageous for software solution development firms due to its distributed development environment as unlike working with code on one centralized repository Git offers them control over their own local repository that has full history of all changes made in the code base better known as commit.




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Developers find GitHub useful to host their code as well as learn from other people’s code.


Important GitHub Commands for Novice Developers

GitHub Commands


Two more important key concepts of GitHub that will enhance the workflow of developer as well as enable them to integrate other application in their project.



In order to get notifications about GitHub members/developers activity on your dashboard. You can do this by visiting their page and clicking on the “follow” button. GitHub also allow users to watch their repository by clicking on “watch” button on a repo.



Compare View

Among the numerous tools offered by GitHub to work with code. One is compare view for comparing one branch to another as well as developer will be able to compare the latest commit with the existing version to monitor the changes made over time.

Simply add/compare to the repo name for comparision.


GitHub is one of the best tools to boost productivity of developers and enable a healthy development environment. I hope no developer will miss the opportunity to GitHub.


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