Google Patent Will Let Software Bots Do Socializing for you

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Are you too lazy to socialize ? Allow Google to do it for you. Google may be planning to let its software or automated bots do your socializing for you.


Google has filed a patent for a software bot that would control your social media presence. According to the patent: – “There is no requirement for the user to set reminders or be proactive. The system automatically without user input analyzes information to which the user has access, and generates suggestions for personalized reactions to messages. The suggestion analyzer cooperates with the decision tree to learn the user’s behavior and automatically adjust the suggested messages that are generated over time.”


A separate article on tech site Mashable said the the Software bot will automatically posts and updates in your social profiles by first learning your voice by studying all of your social media accounts.


For this to work you would have to give permission to Google to access your entire online presence, from email to your social profiles. An abstract of the patent described a “system and method for automatic generating suggestions for personalized reactions or messages.”


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