Singsys approached again by NBRI, this time for development of NBRI Green Planner iOS App

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NBRI Green Planner App


After the successful development of the Android version, NBRI is keen on the development of ENVIS-NBRI – Green Planner iOS app. Their app is well researched repository of plants that are most effective in curbing the ever-expanding problem of air pollution that is taking a toll on every sphere of human life.

Just like Android version user will be able to access suitable location to plant the air pollutant mitigating plants apart from their economic and ecological benefits. This step will expand the user base as well as spread the message of air pollution control to a wider audience set.

About CSIR-NBRI: The CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) is one of the research institute of CSIR in Lucknow. Their research is focused on fulfilling country’s requirement and priorities in the field of plant science with its applied and developmental research activities

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