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Facebook Messenger for Firefox and Windows is shutting down on March 3

Facebook Messenger



Facebook has confirmed that it will shut down the Facebook messenger for Firefox and Windows Desktop on March 3 this year.



Twitter is Testing Profile Re-design similar to Facebook and Google+



Twitter is testing the major re-design of profile which looks like the combination of Facebook, Google plus and Pinterest.


Facebook launches ‘Paper’, a News Reader App


Facebook today has announced a news reader app known as Paper for providing a way to maximum number of users to read news using their smartphones on the go where readers can browse through different news section and read any news from the section of their choice.



Facebook introduces “Donate” Button for Non-Profits

facebook launches donate now button

(image from Facebook)


Want to donate to charity from the social networking site? Facebook has launched “Donate” Button that will allow non-profits to easily take contributions from users directly from their facebook page.



Google Patent Will Let Software Bots Do Socializing for you

Are you too lazy to socialize ? Allow Google to do it for you. Google may be planning to let its software or automated bots do your socializing for you.



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