Technical Seminar Series: ‘GIT Pull Requests Best Practices’

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Continuing with our ‘Technical Seminar Series’, another noteworthy seminar was conducted on ‘GIT Pull Requests Best Practices’ on the 10th of July by Mr. Hitesh Kumar.


Enumerating upon the various useful practices of engaging in with  ‘Git Pull Request’, the session highlighted the following pointers in general:


  • What is Pull request?
  • Why do we need to create pull request?
  • What is use of GIT branch?
  • How to write code in Php? 
  • How to create Pull Request ?
  • Adding line comments to a pull request

Technical Seminar Series: GIT Pull Requests Best Practices from Singsys Pte Ltd


The seminar was well uptaken in full  zest and vigour by the attendees and was much applauded on the learning notes as well. Significantly the technical workforce received the same with that much anticipated enthusiasm. 


This strategic initiative so as to gauge in Singsys’ Continual Training & Development has come along a long way and happens to continue on its prime objectives with the same zeal!


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