Why WordPress Should be your E-commerce Choice

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Wordpress E-commerce

An e-commerce website is your gateway to sell all that is imaginable. The core requirement is a great platform that is easy to use and a user oriented website. WordPress is one such highly functional and futuristic content management system for reliable online store and business transaction. I would  let you know  why with a logical breakdown of the reasons.


WordPress is a good choice for customizing your needs that is bundled with thousands of forums that actively discuss various issues and site navigation. As of today almost 46% of the total websites are based on WordPress. A whopping figure $1,92 trillion e-commerce sales in last 5 years suggests a major chunk of online users are looking forward for purchase.


WordPress is one such CMS that is still miles ahead of its competitors Joomla or Drupal. As much as two-third of total number of websites that use a CMS. WordPress gives you total control over website functionality and lets you add blogs, portfolios, corporate pages, plugins, themes and tools as well as integration with multiple modern online services. Based on your budget it allows you choose among free or premium services.


Let’s explore some more reasons in detail below:


1. Single Platform for All
Do you run single page blog or an owner of a giant online store with multiple dimensions that caters to various needs of users. The scalability provided by WordPress can be easily leveraged for accommodating the consistently growing size of business.


2. Centralized Control
Admin has the right to manage various website functionalities like content inclusion, video embedded links and images. Admin can also control website maintenance using intuitive and advanced Admin panel. Specific rights can be assigned to users with admin panel


3. WooCommerce
A prominent reason that makes WordPress preferred choice is its popular toolkit WooCommerce. WooCommerce serves as perfect platform to expand in different directions. It’s seamless integration with PayPal a secured way to accept online payments at the same time provides you flexibility to use othet payment mode like  FedEx, UPS, USPS and many other.

You are capable of running superb promotions on your online store like promotional codes. On behalf of WooCommerce you can visualise a comprehensive and updated list of your most popular products, number of visitors landing on your site but leaving without any purchase and in what manner running promotions affect the online sales.


4. Security
The huge popularity wordpress earned  is also a cause for multiple hackers to break into e-commerce website.  Fortunately for online store owners wordpress sports a huge array  of powerful plugins that are coded to super high standard. The amount of free and premium plugins available ensure high standard security for wordpress installation and it doesn’t require you to be a security ninja. These crucial plugins strengthen its security smartly. Also, post release of  WordPress 3.7 the auto update feature further boost its security


5. Most SEO Friendly CMS
It provides you the ability to include relevant keywords within your URL structure which is very useful from seo(singsys link) perspective as it informs google regarding your post relevancy ultimately having a positive impact on website traffic. You can add multiple tags and categorise your post to make it stand out from crowd.


Every WordPress blog comes with its own RSS feed. When this  feed is submitted to multiple feed directories informs google to index all your recent posts as quickly as possible. The logic pretty straight forward the more new content google finds at your website the more often it will check out your website


Looking forward to respond to your queries and comments regarding what is your favorite feature to consider wordpress as wow platform for e-commerce website business architecture. In the meanwhile i would like to let you know that wordpress enables easy addition, updation and editing of content that even novice user from technical perspective can use wordpress. Plugins also offer ability to update website functionality through plugins.

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