Top Nine Chatbot Trends for 2020

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Chatbot Trends for 2020

Chatbot Trends for 2020

Experts predict that by 2020, about 85% of our customer interactions will be via chatbots. A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that simulates a conversation with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile applications etc. Chatbots are undoubtedly one of the most crucial elements in today’s business era. They allow customers to easily interact with your brand through simulated conversations. From handling customer queries to troubleshooting, chatbots are becoming more popular than ever!

We are here with some of the following chatbot trends for you in 2020:


1. Voice-Activated Assistants

Voice experiences are becoming popular and the latest chatbot technology like Alexa, Google Home is making tasks easier day by day. The best part about this is two-way communication. A voice-enabled chatbot enhances the capabilities to provide reliable data insights to the customers. It helps in giving correct real-time information. Thus, it gives a better customer experience.


2. Rise of Conversational bots

Conversational bots offer a more straightforward and direct pipeline for customers to sort problems out, address concerns and reach goals. Conversational Bots will become emotionally intelligent by analyzing the tone, sounds, and how loud the voice is.


3. Customers prefer messaging

Established companies have a text messaging option on their website’s customer interactions. As more and more customers begin expecting your company to have a direct way to contact you, it makes sense to have a touchpoint on a messenger. Although we expect to interact with conversation bots by 2020, text messaging may still be dominant, but it will be a better experience if you have the right chatbot app.


4. Business and chatbots

Chatbots are becoming essential for all-round and solid client service strategy. With improved machine learning technology, chatbots would avail customers of the answers that may help them solve their issues or gather the needful information. By 2020, Chatbots will automate simple payments and allow users to pay directly over live chat or Facebook Messenger apps. The instant process will make the customer happy and improves customer satisfaction.


5. AI-driven chatbots

Artificial intelligence has reached extraordinary levels. They are more specific about the type of response they provide. They analyze past and current data to predict or anticipate what the customer might need to deliver a personalized experience to clients and customers.


6. Bots understanding natural language

Chatbots handle thousands of client queries at once in multiple languages. They can work with several languages as well as understand different intents. This makes them versatile and useful, especially for global companies. Sometimes it’s hard to find language translator of some languages, therefore these bots are a good alternative.


7. Chatbots with better customer insights

Customers are going to benefit most from this service by 2020. It will solve various problems for customers as it will reduce customer inconvenience and fill in for agents when needed. Even if a follow up is needed, the customer will feel well cared for a quick initial response.


8. Adaptive chatbots

An adaptive chatbot is one that can analyze data and provide solutions for the current business or market configuration. In most cases, chatbots will be configured to provide the correct answers and solutions. However, without the ability to learn by itself, you will need to keep updating your chatbot, and this can be tiring. By 2020, optimized chatbots will be used that can learn on its own.


9. Automated call centres with AI

With AI leading the chat revolution in 2020, automated call centres will come true. AI, along with NLO, will allow chatbots to acquire sufficient intelligence to help customers as a real human being. This will boost businesses as customers will get an uninterrupted immediate response and improved customer satisfaction.



Chatbots are one of those technologies that have the power and resources to revolutionize our lives and the way companies operate. If you’re running a business and wondering the way to improve your customer experience by 2020, chatbots are here to save the day.


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