SDK or API which is more suitable option for a developer and when?

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An API refers to a set of programming instructions and standards a developer uses to access a web tool or database.

SDK is an implementation tool that means a complete set of software development tools for the development of platform-specific apps and it’s a collection of multiple APIs, documentation, and programming tools. Even experienced developers sometimes find it daunting to opt between SDK or API.Building an application that will stand out from the ordinary ones requires expertise, wisdom, and a lot of time. SDK is one such option to make these processes easier for a developer. Both provide the ability to include innovative functionalities into existing apps.


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Let’s explore them to know the best option.

1. Right option for your requirements

Important features like security and communication are integrated smoothly into web and mobile apps using SDKs and APIs. Both provide the same advantages but also display differences.

An SDK has pre-built functionality that makes the development of mobile apps easier and faster without requiring in-depth knowledge or vast experience.

An API unlike SDK is simply a set of instructions where developers can be creative and achieve the desirable end result but in this case, having previous knowledge will be very fruitful.

More importantly, an APK will allow developers to mould the application from various perspectives of the user. It is evident there are particular benefits associated with both but an SDK is more beneficial than an API in specific scenarios.

Although I don’t support SDK over an API completely, I am trying to clear the picture between both for better usage of both. Let us discuss a few scenarios.

2. Faster Integration to streamline development

Pre-built functionalities allow smooth integration of SDK within an app. It can smartly eliminate any integration complexity related to the creation of authorization signatures or parsing SMS messages either in the native language or platform on behalf of its pre-built functionality.

No need for expertise is required in SDK to use it since most of them have evolved through advanced programming tools, documentation, and sample code to ensure their seamless integration into the apps.

In the case of APIs, complete knowledge about the project supposed to be integrated is very much required apart from software development for API integration. This will result in added complexity associated with needed research and development.

3. The Security aspect that matters most

To ensure stronger security, the system will be highly complex and require efforts from experts to develop, update, and test it. This is where SDK outshines an API by ensuring businesses can add advanced security features easily into the system to block fraud or store sensitive data.

SDK’s ability to be deeply integrated with native platforms such as Android or iOS is responsible for end-to-end integration of services for ensuring completely secure solutions which are mostly missing when using an API.

4. Cost that doesn’t disrupt your financial feasibility

The cost factor cannot be ignored while building a new platform and SDKs beat APIs again here. A company will be able to save substantially on the monetary basis with short rather fast development cycle time and full-realized coding that are possible with SDKs.

5. Reliability and assurance of long-term benefits

In the changing landscape of competitive mobile apps users are bothered about the latest functionality to be included in their apps as well.

Now latest features are also supposed to be bug-free and an SDK which is tested rigorously before launch as well as verified by various users in terms of stability, and reliability.

APIs require quality tests before they are put in front of users and are also integrated using software that is written from scratch.

Conclusion — Which one do you require

I don’t want to be biased toward SDKs as there are scenarios where APIs are more powerful than SDKs. Developers need to deliver solutions easily and quickly an SDK is therefore an optimized choice.

After All, they are preloaded with enormous benefits to save time and resources as well as let developers keep themselves updated with technologies without any extra indulgence in research.

SDKs get the latest enhancements from their companies which can be further shared with others who require them.

If you are building a new mobile app and want to build with less development time yet add uniqueness to please users then prefer the SDK as it will delight you more than an API.

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