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SDK or API which is more suitable option for a developer and when?

An API refers to a set of programming instructions and standards a developer uses to access a web tool or database.

SDK is an implementation tool that means a complete set of software development tools for the development of platform-specific apps and it’s a collection of multiple APIs, documentation, and programming tools. Even experienced developers sometimes find it daunting to opt between SDK or API. (more…)

Amazing Way to Earn More Through Mobile Apps

money via mobile apps

The progress mobile apps have shown in recent past is unprecedented and is here to stay for long . You can leverage popularity of mobile apps to earn more money. Earning a bit extra is always delightful experience.

The global app hemisphere is immensely huge and has potential to grow further. Keeping in mind the unprecedented growth of smartphone usage reveals an opportunity to explore how you can make more money with mobile apps. Let’s traverse through finer details of mobile apps to gather important insight for earning some extra money with your app.

Mobile Apps vs Responsive web design which is the best

 Mobile Apps Vs Responsive Web Design

When you plan to establish a strong online presence for your business then very first question that pops up is, will a responsive web design do the job or users will be more comfortable with a mobile application. If you find deciding between a responsive web design and mobile apps confusing then there are pros and cons associated with both choices.

10 Powerful Platforms to Build Mobile Apps

Mobile App

Building a mobile app for particular business goal helps in reaching greater audience. There are numerous platforms but, only few are suited to built particular type of apps. Here we present a comprehensive list of top 10 mobile app building platforms