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How to use Google’s new Gemini AI Gmail, Docs, and more?

How to use Google's new Gemini AI

Google’s Gemini AI was first introduced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, where it received widespread acclaim for its potential to transform the way people communicate via email. The system utilises semantic analysis techniques to interpret user queries accurately and quickly, allowing users to find relevant information without having to sift through endless pages of results. 

It also incorporates features such as sentiment analysis, which helps determine whether messages are positive or negative based on their tone and content. These capabilities make Gemini AI particularly useful for businesses looking to improve customer service by providing quick responses to common inquiries.


Google introduces AMP in Gmail for Interactive Experience

Google AMP

The upsurge in mobile messaging apps posed a threat to the domain of email. Google’s introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages to emails which is a significant step towards equipping email users with the amazingly fast rendering of mobile web pages. Google consider email as a reliable platform for people who are interested in information about travel, events, latest news, e-commerce and much more. AMP integration into the email will ensure information remains dynamic and updated for rich user experience.


Dmail – Chrome Extension to Send Self-Destructing Emails


A new chrome extension ‘Dmail’ allows you to self-destruct Gmail messages. It permits you to un-send, or deny any messages you send through your Gmail account.



Gmail Access is Blocked in China


According to analysis and data from Gmail and Dyn Research, Gmail is finally blocked in China after few months of disruption by government recently.



Microsoft new import tool allow Gmail users to migrate to

import your Gmail into

Microsoft has announced a new service/import tool that will allow users to switch from Gmail to its mail service. So if you are considering to move from gmail to outlook mail service, you can do it easily with the new import tool.