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Google Bought Waze, an Israeli Mapping Service For $1.1B !!

Google has  bought Waze, an Israeli Mapping Service on Tuesday giving a social boost to its already-strong mapping and mobile businesses.

Waze is a social mapping start-up that features real-time traffic data provided by users to help drivers and users  find the fastest route to a destination. Waze has already set up a base of nearly 50 million users around the world. Waze tracks their movements via GPS to generate live information about roads and traffic and also users can add their own information about events, accidents, police speed traps and road hazards. Google has cleared that Waze map service will remain separate from its own map service. Google also declares that they will plan to incorporate its powerful search capabilities features into Waze. (more…)

Google Loon Project: Free WiFi Access for everyone via Baloons in Stratosphere

Google’s latest “moonshot” project is Project Loon, a phalanx of balloons that sail in the stratosphere like low level satellites. The objective is to bring broadband capability to less developed parts of the world, an ambition Google GOOG +1.35% is also pursuing through its White Spaces project.

Google ran its first test on Saturday in New Zealand – here’s one report. It gave people 15 minutes of access before the balloons floated away. (more…)

Good News! Now iOS apps can be transferred from one developer account to another

So finally Apple has changed its policy of not allowing apps transfer from one account to other account. Now it can be transferred across accounts without affecting the app’s rating, downloads and history. (more…)

Is google becoming greedy by reducing number of users for free version of Google Apps from 50 to 10?

Google Apps is a boon for startups and small companies as it offers up to 50 email accounts with all the features offered in standard gmail for free (supported by advertisements on emails). Last week most of these free google apps users received emails that effective from May 10th (more…)

Google Drive is another great gift from Google

Google drive is new entry in world of cloud storage offering. Since it is from Google, people have lot of expectations from this service which is free online storage of 5Gb. More comes for a small price. Right now it is not immediately setup for you and may take a day or two for it to be setup. I tried mine yesterday and it is setup this morning. (more…)

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